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The FIT MODEL is the only science-based Self-Mastery, Wellbeing and optimal-functioning tool to holisitically assess, deep-dive and transform 5 core life-domains and 28 subdomains of life

Built by Positive Psychologists & Coaching Psychologists access

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lite assessment

Quick-flow, interactive assessment process

lite benchmark report

Identify levels of optimal-functioning unique to you

lite scores and dynamic analysis

Easy access to report scores & results analysis

Self-awareness is fundamental to Self-Mastery

Expand Self-awareness, empower confidence and optimise self-esteem

FIT Model draws on evidence-based scientific research, tools and interventions

Identify levels of optimal-functioning in 5 core life-domains & 28 subdomains


Why are you who you are?  Why do you think, behave, and act the way you do?

Identify, measure and understand key metrics in your life across your 5-core life-domains and 28 subdomains with the lite FOCUS-Assessment.
Instant Results Dashboards and PDF reports.
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A bespoke Science-based program...

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FIT Model

  3 Step FIT Model
  Self-Mastery and Wellbeing 
  Assessment + Deep-Dive + ATP
Measure Optimal-functioning

  Personalised Results Dashboards

 5-core life-domains and 28 Subdomains of life.

Key Self-Mastery & Wellbeing metrics...

your 1st step to self-mastery

lite Self-Mastery

Understand where you are in your life

lite is a unique science-based holistic benchmark across each of your 5-core life-domains and 28 subdomains

Built by Positive Psychologists

Grounded in the principles of Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, Neuroscience & Cognitive Behavioural Strategies

Key Self-Mastery measures

Identify & measure where you are in your life and where to apply immediate FOCUS for improving optimal-functioning

Science-based metrics

Measures multiple Wellbeing metrics: Identify areas needing your urgent FOCUSINQUIRY & TRANSFORMATION

lifeprint score & headline status

WHAT's your headline lifeprint Status?

4 Simple score categories


Dynamic Analysis, Charts, Tables

Easy-view results analysis with visual charts, graphs, text & scores across your 5-core life-domains28 subdomains

Results Dashboards unique to you

lite personalised results using key Self-Mastery and Wellbeing metrics across the 5-core life-domains

FIT Model: an Iterative approach

FOCUS, INQUIRE, TRANSFORM: A 3 phase approach using proprietary Self-Mastery, Wellbeing Coaching tools

life-domain and Subdomain scores

GET easy review of Top 3 (T3) & Bottom 3 (B3) subdomains, FOCUS on B3's for quick-win score-optimisation

Self-Mastery, wellbeing and optimal-functioning for...

Your general health

Your energy & fatigue

Emotional wellbeing

Social functioning


Autonomy & direction





Trust & Responsbility


Your Perceived Choice


Family & relationships

Personal relationships

Friends & relationships

Personal recreation

Social engagement

Vocation engagement



Wealth perceptions

Future wealth outlook

Wealth Satisfaction

Wealth levels

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Our 100% guarantee

No questions asked guarantee.  We are so proud and confident in the quality of lite Self-Mastery that we offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us within 30 days of your purchase and 100% of the initial purchase price will be refunded, see FAQ's and terms.

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Start the journey, understand why you are who you are!

Simon, Manchester, UK

"Having a definitive start point and seeing clear progression has been super helpful and rewarding for me."

Flavia, Minas Gerais, Brasil

"lite-FOCUS is amazing, I learned so much about me in so short time, thank you."

Troy, Florida, USA

"The first time I've understood where I was, and where to begin making simple positive changes, awesome!"






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Frequently asked questions

Who are and the

We are a group of Positive Psychologists and Coaching Psychologists specialising in Wellbeing, Self-Mastery, personal-growth and peak-performance. We have taken our solutions online in answer to the calling for easy online access to our services since the pandemic. Now we are excited to be reaching even more people online with our expert support and tools.

We break down constructs of Self-Mastery, wellbeing and optimal-functioning by helping individuals and teams unravel and understand their ingrained cultural, and habitual behavioural patterns, to optimise self-awareness, and empower their autonomous conscious-choice.

Our founding premise is 'you are what you think'.  Self-Mastery involves understanding who you are, why you think, feel, behave and act in the ways you do and why you associate with the groups of people around you. 

Use our unique Self-Mastery systems and a series of progressive science-based, evidence-led Self-Mastery assessments, tools and programs to accelerate your personal-growth. We help you identify and support your optimal-functioning, to improve wellbeing and quality of life. We help empower you in taking directed and positive, proactive action.

We understand sometimes, you just want or need the direct interaction and expertise of an experienced coach. If this is you, we have a team of Coaching Psychologists for 1:2:1 coaching programs supporting you with online face to face sessions.

What is lite Self-Mastery?

lite-Self-Mastery is the first step to Self-Mastery in a progressive sequence of lifeprint Self-Mastery programs, assessments and tools ranging from lite, to Pro and Guru Self-Mastery.

lite Self-Mastery incorporates the lifeprint FIT Model:


The FIT Model is an iterative, holistic and progressive Self-Mastery system designed to support individuals and teams in achieving their own unique levels of optimal-functioning in life.

lite Self-Mastery gives you detailed scores for your levels of optimal-functioning and untapped-potential, with supporting easy view charts, tables and text, followed by a Deep-Dive and personalised Action-Tranform-Plan.

What does optimal-functioning mean?

Optimal-functioning is a field of research focused on understanding how individuals and teams can become the best versions of themselves to operate at their optimum levels in life and specific fields of focus.

The lifeprint approach to optimal-functioning is both holistic across life-domains and specific to focused peak-performance disciplines. Life-domains and their respective subdomains are categories for the core-areas of life which impact our wellbeing and optimal-functioning.

lifeprint have developed a Self-Mastery System incorporating the FIT Model:


Which in the FOCUS phase use a series of tools to measure levels of optimal-functioning and the untapped-potential within a person’s life at a specific point in time.

te Self-Mastery incorporates key Self-Mastery and Wellbeing metrics to measure levels of optimal functioning across the 5-core life-domains and 28 subdomains. Delivering a your own unique Results

What happens after I purchase lite Self-Mastery?

Once you've entered your payment details and payment is confirmed...

1. You will receive instant access to the, and immediately be directed to the lite Self-Mastery program and your first assessment module. There, you will find clear video instructions and text guides showing you how to complete the program.

2. The lite Self-Mastery program offers introductory support materials to review, or you can go straight to the first assessment module to take it immediately.

3. To complete your assessment, simply go to the assessment module and begin.

Now you will have your own unique user login area to the, so please ensure you remember and protect your login details.

After I complete the lite assessment module, what's next?

Your lite FOCUS assessment results help you focus on the right initial areas needing further INQUIRY and TRANSFORMATION.

Following the assessment, you will then go onto the INQUIRE and TRANSFORM:

  • INQUIRE will develop your lifeprint results profile and benchmarks further 
  • TRANSFORM uses the key data captured from FOCUS and INQUIRE to tailor a bespoke ATP (ACTION TRANSFORM PLAN)
  • In TRANSFORM you execute a series of transformational exercises and interventions; tailored to your B3 (Bottom 3) FOCUS subdomain scores.

How do I get my assessment results?

Follow this quick, simple process:

#1. Simply purchase lite-Self-Mastery and you will get instant access.
#2. Complete the lite FOCUS assessment which takes circa 17 minutes.
#3. Review lite FOCUS results dashboard, then complete INQUIRE and TRANSFORM

Do offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

Yes we do! We are so proud and confident in the quality of our services that we do indeed offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. Our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is offered in good faith to all who genuinely believe a program is not for them after initial purchase.

We have a reasonable expectation that you will recognise fairly quickly whether you like or dislike our services. If you complete an entire service, we expect that you found some value and that you, as a result, are willing to pay for this service.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with our services and/or they do not meet your expectations, please contact us within 30 days of your purchase, whereupon 100% of the initial purchase cost will be refunded subject to our Full Terms and Conditions. Click this link to review our Full Terms, and see Section 15 for specifics relevant to this guarantee.