Online Self-mastery coaching solutions for optimal-functioning, personal growth and peak-performance

Bridging the gap between self-help, science & coaching Self-Mastery focuses on you being your best

FOCUS : INQUIRE : TRANSFORM's FIT Model is holistic, humanistic, iterative

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 FOCUS: Assessment

Optimal-functioning assessments
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 INQUIRE: Deep-dive

Analyse, reflect, support, inform
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Bespoke: Action-transform-plan
A dynamic research-based approach to Self-Mastery, Wellbeing Coaching solutions

MAPPCP Positive Psychologists & Coaches

lifeprint solutions designed & built by Positive Psychology Coaching Psychologists

FIT Model,
methodology for growth

lifeprint use a proprietary Self-Mastery framework called the FIT Model: focus: inquire: transform

Growing community and global network

We support our community with accessible tools and expert programs

Bespoke online, Self-Mastery and Wellbeing coaching solutions for optimal-human-functioning

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Anytime, anywhere and on any device

Empower yourself: Own your past, present and future

Holistic, humanistic, iterative

Understand and improve

Research driven assessments & transformation tools

Designed by Positive Psychologists

Grounded in the principles of Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology, Neuroscience & Cognitive Behavioural Strategies

Key Self-Mastery measures

Identify & measure where you are in your life and where to apply immediate FOCUS for improving optimal-functioning

Science-based Wellbeing metrics

Measures multiple aspects of Wellbeing: Identify subdomains needing your urgent INQUIRY & TRANSFORMATION

Interactive, intelligent assessments

Dynamic, interactive assessments measuring optimal-functioning across the 5-core life-domains and subdomains

Results Analysis, Charts and Tables

Easy-view results analysis with visual charts, graphs, text & scores across your 5-core life-domains28+ subdomains

Bespoke personal transformation

Personalised and bespoke Action Transform Plans (ATP's) specific to you, using your unique lifeprint profile and scores

Understand and measure where you are in life

Thrive and flourish across all life-domains


Discover and explore the key Self-Mastery, Wellbeing and Optimal-functioning metrics unique to you!

empowering individuals & teams

Own your past, present & future

Optimise your functioning

lifeprint is 100% focused on helping you achieve your own unique levels of optimal-functioning

Build Resilience

Mastering stress as a productive asset in our lives is a critical prerequisite to true Self-Mastery

Increase Self-Awareness

There are no shortcuts to unravelling who we are, only positive-proactive persistent actions

Renew focus & clarity

Equipping you with the understanding & tools to be at peace within you own mind, empowers you

Increase Cognitive function

Learn how to choose thought processes which serve your highest cognitive & emotional states

Raise Emotional Wellbeing

Increasing positive-emotions & reducing negative affect are fundamental to the lifeprint approach.

Explore meaning & purpose

Self-exploration opens up new perspectives for discovering deeper meaning & purpose in iife

Improve Psychological Wellbeing

Explore, know, understand and learn to love your true authentic-self

Strengthen Relationships

By understanding ourselves we're better able to understand others and grow our relationships
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Result Dashboards | Detailed results-analysis

Knowing others is intelligence,
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength,
Mastering yourself is true power.

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching


"People around me have commented on the positive changes. programs guide you to deeply explore, reflect, and act."

Rob, London, UK

"I had some big personal break throughs after using  I definitely coming back for more, até próximo!"

Maria, Sao Paulo, BraSil

" tools have given me new perspectives. I've achieved the clarity I needed, but didn't know how to find! Thank you!!!"

Liz, Atlanta, USA




Apply Self-Mastery's dynamic Self-Mastery, Wellbeing Coaching tools draw on the latest in scientific-research, experienced coaching psychologists and the oldest philosophical wisdoms

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